Network Insights is committed to applying its technical expertise in IT networking, communications and security to help its clients implement business-focused solutions that are appropriate to their needs. Our services are totally client-focused, in that :-

  1. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to customise our services to meet the specific needs of each client, and
  2. Our clients are assured of totally impartial advice, since Network Insights has no partnerships, affiliations or reseller / finder relationships with any carriers, service providers, systems integrators or manufacturers.

Being able to offer this level of flexibility and independence allows our clients to engage us to act as an integrated extension to their internal IT / project function (augmenting the skills and resources of the internal team), rather than engaging with us purely as external advisors.

This approach (where Network Insights acts as a virtual member of the client’s internal IT function) has been the key pillar of our longest and most successful relationships :-

The client benefits by having access “on demand” to technical services and expertise which may not be required in the general day-to-day business operational requirements, but which are of huge benefit in dealing with situations where :-

  1. Complex upgrade projects are being undertaken,
  2. Application / Performance problems are encountered that require a greater degree of troubleshooting, often in a multi-vendor environment,
  3. Network Insights can provide these services without losing sight of “the big picture”, based on a detailed understanding of the particular application and technical environment deployed within the client organisation.

Other Services



Our consultancy services include Upgrade Projects, Strategic Review, Planning & Formal Procurement Support.


Contract Work

We can provide contract services including Project Management, Capacity Planning & Network Optimisation Planning.



We can assist with Training, Major Incident/Fault Support, Documentation & Procedures