Project / Contract Work :-

As well as general consultancy services, Network Insights provides practical “hands on” technical services to its clients including :-

  • Project Management
    • This is frequently provided as a continuation / rollout service at the end of the formal procurement phase of an infrastructure upgrade project.
  • Capacity Planning
    • This service allows new applications to be launched on existing network infrastructure with confidence that clients will be provided with an acceptable level of network application performance.
    • This service is particularly important in Wide Area Network environments where the impact of latency is critical. In these environments (and especially where client/server applications are deployed) the simplistic solution of “increasing the bandwidth” is often insufficient to provide cost-effective, acceptable network application performance.
  • Network Optimisation Planning, using a combination of :-
    • Network Emulation,
    • Traffic Analysis, and
    • Performance Analysis.
Contract work Network Insights

Other Services



We operate as a virtual extension to our clients internal IT function with flexibility and impartiality as our core pillars.



Our consultancy services include Upgrade Projects, Strategic Review, Planning & Formal Procurement Support.



We can assist with Training, Major Incident/Fault Support, Documentation & Procedures